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 Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Can-Am Engineered Products, Inc.




In response to the heightened concern for a reduction in over spray and solvent pollution, coating manufacturers have developed an increasing number of new coatings (some of which are difficult to apply by spray). There is also more concern for worker safety from both industry and government. The result has been a challenge to spray equipment manufacturers to find a better means of complying with these changing conditions. The Can-Am System challenged these evolutionary changes and has met the new spray requirements for spraying these surface coatings, as well as spraying the old line coatings more efficiently.




Can-Am offers you a powerful, precision engineered, fan-cooled turbine plus a complete assortment of gun designs, all of which are manufactured out of extremely high quality materials, which is necessary for the professional businessmen's demand for reliability and repeatability.


Can-Am's turbine equipment can be installed on a floor mount, mobile or centrally piped wall mount unit. Centrally piped systems can be valved throughout 300 feet of your painting area.


Can-Am's spray guns are especially designed to fit all types of work being performed. Comfort and balance were our key considerations for either large or small hand sizes of men and women. These industrial spray guns are specially designed to deliver High Volumes of heated air at very Low Pressures, which enhances transfer efficiency. The Atomization of Solid Color and Metallic paints is achieved through the low-pressure deliveries (1-10 pounds per square inch) and the high volumes of air delivered by the Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ VII System.


The Can-Am system has also incorporated a "Dyne-A-Float ®" silencer stand. The powerful Can-Am Turbo-Coatair™ VII Turbine coupled with our Dyne-A-Float ® silencer stand produces decibel readings below O.S.H.A. Industrial requirements at a three-foot distance.



Can-Am has vast experience with the installation of H.V.L.P. systems thus offering its customers knowledge unmatched throughout the world.



Precision Manufactured Lightweight

Automatic Spray Gun

with Quick Color Change Capability and

Internal Paint Circulation Options

Precision Manufactured

Lightweight Hand Spray Gun

with Rear Fan Control









Coatings Can-Am has applied with this H.V.L.P. system

 Wood Stains, Sealers, Top-coats, plus: Acrylics • Alkyds • Vinyls • Teflon • Polyester • Water Base • Textures • Shield Coatings • Body

Shop Primers • Body Shop (solid and metallic) Colors • Urethanes • Zinc Rich Primers • 70.0% Volume Solid Polyesters • Military

Coatings • Special High Solids Aerospace Coatings • Mold Release Coatings • UV Coatings


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