50% lower operating costs.

30-70% lower material usage.

Production speeds equal to conventional air spray equipment.

Clean, warm, dry air with no contamination and less blushing from fast dry lacquers on high humidity days. Plus, enhanced application procedures when applying water based paints.

Rapid solvent release resulting in faster dry times. In the case of mask painting, 50-150% longer shield life prior to mask cleaning.

Overspray and bounceback are greatly reduced.




LOW PRESSURE - The Can-Am Turbine produces a large air flow volume at very low pressures (1 - 9.25 psi at the spray gun). Because the spray gun constantly bleeds turbine produced air there is no sudden expansion of the air coming out of the spray gun, as with conventional air or high pressure systems where the explosion produces a paint fog or the pressure produces bounce back. Can-Am offers significant savings in material, as there is just enough pressure to lay the paint on the surface resulting in a significant reduction in overspray, which of course greatly improves the transfer efficiency of the application task.

LARGE VOLUME OF AIR - In contrast to a normal compressor, the Can-Am Turbine delivers a large volume of air directly and continuously to the spray gun at a constant pressure.

DRY HOT AIR -The turbine, running at high speed, heats the air allowing it to expand naturally. Through each stage of the turbine, the temperature increases until it leaves the turbine at temperatures 130-190F above the ambient. This hot air has the important benefit of being free from both moisture and oil.

LOW SOUND LEVELS - Because of our concern for O.S.H.A. industrial noise level standards and likewise workers' safety; Can-Am developed a completely new Turbine mounting stand. This mounting stand incorporates noise suppression, which reduces the turbine sound levels to below O.S.H.A. standards at a 3-foot distance.

SPEED OF APPLICATION - Because of the Can-Am/Turbo-CoatairTM system's powerful Turbine which utilizes large volumes of air to break up the fluid stream, we are able to apply fluids at rates up to 1700 C.C. per minute. This, coupled with the utilization of fan sizes of one-half inch to twenty inches, increases spraying speeds.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - The Turbo-CoatairTM systems' energy consumption is low. The electrical requirements per gun range from 1.37-1.87 H.P, depending on the type of guns being used.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS - The turbo produced air vein provides additional benefits. As soon as the paint leaves the fluid nozzle, it enters the warm air vein and is carried to the surface. The result of this is a point which flows well onto the target surface in a single pass, replacing several required by a standard conventionally compressed (cold air) system and without the risk of runs and sags. This also permits paint to be aimed into corners and hard to reach recesses, thus assuring coverage without the build-up or runs on the sides. By projecting the hot air vein at a regular speed from a normal distance (4"-12") penetration on irregular surfaces is complete.

The hot air speeds evaporation of the solvents on the surface, thus shorter drying times. Using such low pressures, the solvents are not misted at atomization, but are carried to the surface where they perform their proper function which is very important with today's low V.O.C. Coatings which need what little solvents they have to perform their proper functions.

As a result of our low pressure high volume air output, the orifices of the Can-Am Spray Guns can be large. This will reduce downtime costs due to clogged tips. In short, the main points of the Can-Am/Turbo-CoatairTM system are:


a. Saves From 30-70% in paint, thus reduces your EPA pollution concerns.

b. Greatly reduces overspray and fog for a cleaner work environment.

c. Reduces the amount of make-up air needed for savings in heating fuel.

d. Transfer Efficiencies reported ranging from 65-90% depending upon the job being performed.


a. Sprays any paint, due to our gun and turbine unit designs.

b. Found in all type industries.

c. Skilled labor not needed. Laborers quickly voice their approval due to ease of spray and lack of overspray and bounceback.


a. Initial investment very low (when compared with pay back periods).

b. Inexpensive upkeep (two-year warranty) with an optional continuous warranty program.

c. Fewer rejects by the absence of oil and moisture in the air.

d. Less maintenance and downtime (due to modern technology).


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