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What substrate do you paint?

What is the product that you paint?

What type of spray guns do you presently use?

What fluid delivery equipment do you use?
Pressure Pot Pump

What fluid delivery pressure do you use?

What size fluid hose do you use?

What quantity are you delivering per minute?
fluid oz.

What air atomizing pressure are you using?

How many automatic guns do you use?

How many hand guns do you use?

If you use an automatic line:
What speed is it?

Is it a(n):
Chain-On-Edge Flat Line O/H Conveyor Reciprocator Robotic

What distance are the spray guns from the targeted surface?

What type of paint or liquid do you use?
Solvent Base Water Base U.V.

Who manufactures the paint?

What viscosity do you spray at?

Is the product a two component paint?
Yes No
If yes, what make of two component mixer do you use?
What is the pot life of your paint?

What type of resin is your paint?
Acrylic Alkyd Enamel Lacquer Polyester Urathane

What V.O.C. is your paint rated at?

What are your weight solids of the paint?

What are your volume solids of the paint?

Is the paint:
Clear Solid Color Metallic E.M.I. Coating

How much do you spend on liquid paints per year?

How many spray booths do you have for hand sprayers?

How many hand sprayers do you have per booth?

How many shifts do you work?

How many automatic guns do you use?

How many automatic guns are used in each location?

What is the maximum number of automatic guns in any one spray booth?

Do you have 3 phase electrical power near the spray booths?
Yes No
If yes, how far away from the spray booth?

What hertz do you use?
50 60

Is your plant using 575V/50Hz in Canada?
Yes No

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