All Can-Am HVLP Products, except turbine assemblies, carry a limited one year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The term of this warranty extends for one year from the date of purchase and excludes failures which are the result of misapplication, misuse, incorrect maintenance, or normal wear. Can-Am’s obligation under this warranty is expressly limited to, at its option, the repair or replacement of products it deems defective under the provisions of this warranty policy, (this applies to the original purchase only). Air filters, temperatures gauges, air and fluid hoses, and gun parts, plus p.s.i. gauges are not warranty items due to arbitrary usage.

The turbine, purchased as a part of a new Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ HVLP System is covered by a limited two year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The turbine assembly warranty begins 20 days after the system is shipped by Can-Am.



This warranty and remedy is subject to purchaser’s compliance with the obligations hereof. This warranty is in lieu of all other conditions hereof. Can-Am makes no warranty on merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.


If defects appear during the warranty period, the purchaser is to obtain the return authorization from Can-Am prior to returning the goods. Returns are at purchaser’s transportation cost. If after inspection, Can-Am determines that the goods do not conform to the warranty, Can-Am will only repair the goods after the customer is advised of the cost of the repairs necessary and faxes Can-Am repair authorization.

DISCLAIMER OF TORT LIABILITY: Purchaser specifically acknowledges understanding that Can-Am shall not be liable in tort, whether based on negligence, strict liability or any other theory of tort liability, for any action or failure to act with respect to manufacturer, preparation for sale, delivery or installation of the goods. It is the party’s intent of the paragraph to absolve and protect Can-Am from any and all tort liability.

EXCLUSIVE REMEDY: Purchaser specifically understands that purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy for breach of warranty, tortuous conduct or any other cause of action against Can-Am is the remedy provided above.

EXCLUSION OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: Purchaser specifically understands the under no circumstances will Can-Am be liable for any economic, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature whatever, including but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits or other losses caused by reason of non-operation of the goods.

NOTE: Can-Am encourages its customers to maintain an on-site inventory of recommended spare parts to support their Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ HVLP finishing system. One of the recommended spare parts for every Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ system is a spare turbine assembly, since down time is far more costly than the benefits of our Extended Warranty cost (see below).



To assist its customer in managing the on-going maintenance cost of its Can-Am/Turbo-Coatair™ HVLP finishing system and to insure they enjoy any performance improvements produced by Can-Am’s on-going turbine research program, Can-Am offers three Extended Warranty options for its turbine assemblies.
Pease Note: Can-Am’s optional warranty programs do not provide additional warranty coverage for the motor, belt, pulleys, stand, filters and other components of the overall Turbo-Coatair™ turbine air supply unit.

Option One: Four Years of Continuous Protected Turbine Operation with Extension Privileges:

Customers are encouraged to buy a spare turbine assembly for each Turbo-Coatair™ turbine air supply in their system with their original order. Under this extended warranty option, the spare turbine assemblies are sold on a consignment basis for the special price of $3,500.00. Customers buying a spare turbine assembly with their original system purchase will be permitted to hold it in their plant for two years as an emergency backup turbine and still have an additional two year operating warranty on it. The total warranty period for the replacement turbine assembly becomes four years (two years in storage and two years in operation) from the date of its original sale. The original turbine assembly must be removed and returned to Can-Am at the end of the first two year time period at which Can-Am recaptures its property. Can-Am will permit its customers to keep extending their turbine assembly warranty every two years by purchasing a new consignment turbine at a cost of $3,500.00 plus any inflationary increases.

Option Two: (Note: Although the following option is available, it is in Can-Am’s opinion not your best choice)

If your turbine warranty has expired and your turbine has not been totally destroyed, Can-Am will still sell you a replacement turbine in exchange for your used one at a cost of $7,920.00 (part #5000EXNOW).

Option Three:

Outside of Option #1 and #2, you have one more option. If you totally destroy your turbine, you can purchase a replacement turbine assembly for $12,940.00 (part #5000) instead of having to purchase a completely new system which costs in excess of $20,000. 



The applicability of the Warranty and Remedy provided is subject to purchaser’s adherence to certain obligations regarding care of the goods. Can-Am will not be responsible under its warranty and remedy for problems with, damage to or defects in the goods that are caused by:

A.      Improper installation of goods.

B.      Change or alteration of the original parts in the goods without Can-Am’s approval in writing

C.      1.       Carelessness

2.       Lack of routine maintenance (see maintenance instruction sheet)

3.       Overvoltage

4.       Wrong connections

5.       Bad use

6.       Any cause alien to normal operation of the goods in particular the use of broken or out of shape parts, following a bump, a fall or rough handling.

D.      Running the turbine with all air exit valves shut so as not to bleed of air and heat. We suggest you use Air Valve #9001 to accomplish this.



1.       Replace Silencer Stand Air Intake Filter (Ref. #6001) once a month.

2.       Replace Turbine Air Intake Filter (Ref. #6003-4) once every 30 days or as necessary, but in no case longer than 30 days.

3.       Spray guns; although these items are not warranted, weekly checks should be made as follows:

A.      Remove, clean and check nozzles for wear.

B.      Remove, clean and check needles for wear.

C.      Lubricate stuffing box packings with a light amount of petroleum jelly.


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